• Our appointments are free of charge.
  • In case of a no-show or cancellation of the initial appointment (with some exceptions), rebooking will cost €20, which is non-refundable.
  • Fitting appointments will be scheduled throughout the dress creation process to ensure smooth progress.
  • Fittings will be arranged at the convenience of both the dressmaker and the client.
  • If a client cannot attend a scheduled fitting due to unforeseen circumstances, a new fitting will be arranged. However, any delays caused by a client-canceled or postponed appointment are not the responsibility of Giga Fashion. Every effort will be made to complete the order by the agreed deadline.

On the fitting days:

  • Clients are advised to wear the underwear and shoes they intend to wear with the garments to ensure the correct fit. Giga Fashion takes no responsibility for garments not fitting perfectly if the client does not follow this advice.
  • Giga Fashion is not responsible for garments that do not fit correctly if the client gains or loses weight between the fittings and collection or for any other reason beyond Giga Fashion’s control.
  • Important Note: Please do not wear makeup or apply any body lotion or tan cream on your skin before visiting for a fitting. Tan creams and lotions may leave stains on your future dress, and we will not accept any responsibility if that happens.

Material and Design Changes:

  • Material choices will be made at the first meeting and agreed upon in writing.
  • Efforts will be made to obtain the fabrics and trims required by the customer. If the exact fabric is unavailable, a suitable alternative will be sourced with the customer’s agreement.
  • If the client wishes to change the fabric after it has been bought, the additional cost will be added to the final invoice. Changes cannot be made once the fabric has been cut.
  • Design changes can be made at the first fitting, but significant changes requiring extra work and resources will incur additional costs, which will be stated in advance.
  • Please note, some changes can’t be undone. For example, if during your fitting appointment you decide to have your dress shortened and it is cut, it will be impossible to make it longer if you change your mind. A new skirt will be needed, which will incur additional costs. We always try to help, adjust, and do everything possible to avoid any extra costs and to create a dress to the client’s preference.

Final Fit and Collection:

  • Upon collection, clients will try on the garment to ensure the fit is correct.
  • If the client decides not to participate in a final fitting and the garment is collected by someone else, Giga Fashion has no responsibility if the garment does not fit as there will be no chance for us to check it.
  • Any requests for minor alterations must be made known as soon as possible. Once the garment and final payment have been exchanged, any further work will incur additional costs and will be completed only when and if possible, including defects from “wear and tear.”
  • After the dress leaves the studio, Giga Fashion is not responsible for any damage or issues that occur. This includes:
    • Rips or tears
    • Destruction or heavy damage
    • Dirt or stains
    • Wrinkling or lack of ironing
    • Broken zippers due to improper use
    • Any other damage or issues caused after collection


  • A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place and to start work.
  • Please note, if you visited us and left without paying a deposit to take some time to think etc, which is understandable, you are not on our working list without without paid deposit, and we do not guarantee a place if you decide to come back as availability is always subject of how busy we are and available.
  • The deposit amount depends on the price, dress style, and fabrics used and is agreed upon before work commences.
  • During these appointments, we respectfully request a partial payment towards the outstanding balance for the work completed thus far. Please note that failure to fulfil this payment obligation on the fitting day may lead to a temporary halt in the making process. If a client cannot attend a scheduled fitting due to unforeseen circumstances, a payment link will be sent as payment is still due for the work done
  • The final balance is payable upon completion, final payment must be received before or on the day.
  • Finished products must be collected within two weeks, if collection is not possible, the final amount must be paid within two weeks from the completion date, and collection can be arranged later. 
  • In the event of non-payment, we reserve the right to pursue legal action, including but not limited to mediation, Small Claims Court, District Court proceedings, and enforcement measures as per Irish law.”

No Refunds, Returns, or Exchanges:

Due to the bespoke nature of our products, all sales are final. We cannot offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. This policy is in place because each dress is made to order and tailored to your specific requirements, making it unique and non-resalable.


All complaints about quality, size and details should be addressed on the same day during the final fitting or the following week, otherwise, they will not be reviewed. We are always ready to help and go the extra mile to satisfy our customers. Emai: info@gigafashion.ie


The customer is welcome to take photos for personal use during fittings. Their use on social media sites must be agreed with Giga Fashion as it’s not finished work. Giga Fashion will ask the permission of the customer to use images taken during the construction process on the website gigafashion.ie as well as social media sites. The customer can request for the images not to be used at any time.

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